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Corporate Fraud Prevention

Corporate Fraud Prevention

In a UK company the responsibility for the prevention and detection of fraud rests with the Board of Directors who should institute an adequate system of internal control including asset security, segregation of duties, proper authorisation procedures and an effective internal audit function. The auditors function is to review these arrangements but this does not ensure that fraud, irregularities or corrupt practices have not occurred. It is NOT the auditor's function to prevent fraud. A recent study indicated that nearly a third of organisations were subject to economic crime within the previous 12 months. It is essential that companies develop loyalty among staff and give employees the confidence to report any misdemeanours and put clear sanctions in place for offenders.

Whether you're a company that needs to manage Regulatory enquiries, comply with national accounting and auditing standards, or simply want to maintain a reputation as a business with Integrity and reduce losses you would undoubtedly benefit from establishing a Fraud Programme within your organisation.

Our Fraud Prevention Programme includes:

Fraud Prevention Check-Up

As part of our free one consultation we will carry out a free Fraud Prevention Check-Up to access the current Fraud Prevention Procedures that your organisation has in place.

Fraud Risk Assessment

We will review your controls to identify potential weaknesses in relation to Fraud and recommend solutions This can be completed as a stand alone project for the smaller organisations or for the larger corporations in conjunction with your internal audit department.

Bribery Act 2010 Services

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Whistle Blowing Service

Corporate Fraud Prevention

The most common method of detection of fraud and other breaches of integrity is through a "tip". All employees should be able to provide information in good faith anonymously and / or confidentially without fear of recrimination. Whistle Blowing submissions require specialist screening and treatment. We can provide a simple cost effective hotline and / or online system to enable this.

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Code of Conduct / Ethics & Conflict of Interest

A robust code of conduct including a system to declare any potential Conflict of Interest is essential to assist in combating fraud in the work place no matter how small your business is. We can assist in the development of a code of conduct tailored to your business.

Trade Secret Protection

You must devise your own methods to protect and keep your trade secrets confidential as they are not registered with the government like other forms of Intellectual Property such as patents, copyrights and trademarks. Once a trade secret is made available to the public, trade secret protection ends. We can advise on how to do this and how to educate your employees.

Employee Education

Each entity should have a policy for educating all levels of staff about fraud in a positive and non accusatory manner. There is little point having a Code of Conduct or hotline in place if you cannot demonstrate that all staff are aware of and understand it.

Pre / Post Employment Screening

Thorough background checks should be carried out on new employees, especially managers. Similarly a number of checks and controls should be carried out when certain employees leave.

Fraud Awareness & Investigation Skills Training

The team at PC Investigations have undertaken extensive training in both the public and private sector in both fraud awareness and investigation skills. In particular we have trained corporations' compliance and audit personnel in these matters. We can design a course to suit your needs.